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Death Sentence

Death Sentence (site under construction)

A racing-shooter similar to Twisted Metal, taking place in the near future within a post apocalyptic world. Currently planned for the PC, however an iOS port is in being considered at the moment as well.

The site is undergoing major renovations at the moment, especially as we grab art assets, so bear with me. There is also footage of a pre-alpha version of the game on the site, but nothing playable for the public yet. I will keep you updated as we move along.

 Role: Environment artist / Web Developer
Responsible for creating 3D models of environmental assets, from concept to creation, as well as development of content for web site, and establishing web presence.

– Objects include: pylons, guard rails, satellites, fencing, transformers, street signs, solar panels.

Author & Technical Reviewer – Packt Publishing

Author – Advanced UnrealScript Programming Cookbook (Due Q1 2013)

Tech Reviewer – UDK Game Programming with Unreal Script: Beginner’s Guide

Tech ReviewerUnreal Development Kit: Beginner’s Guide

Role included: Providing technical feedback on the content, verifying that all information regarding the tool kit is correct, keeping up to date with changes made to the engine, and providing additional examples and supporting details.


Feel free to browse my tutorials and other projects using the Unreal Engine. Most notably, I’ve begun remaking Mega Man 2. I’ve recently developed a tutorial on how to set up the camera system, game, and control scheme to match that of the NES classic.


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