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David Voyles


To continue to work within the games industry and maintain my growth into new roles.

Key Talents

Proficient or familiar with many aspects of game design and development, including:

Unreal Development Kit  / Unreal Engine 4/ UnrealScript / XNA / C# / C++ / XAML / JavaScript / HTML5 /  CSS / Unity / Photoshop   / 3DS Max  / Maya / In Design / Illustrator/  Podcasting  / WordPress / Xcode

Speaks proficient German

2012, ’13 Microsoft MVP recipient, Xbox division


New York Institute of Technology-Old Westbury
MBA, Management of Information Systems, 2009 – Present

Activities and Societies:
T.A. and Peer Leader of the Year – Mechanical Engineering
Men’s Lacrosse – Player

State University of New York College at Oneonta
B.S., Communication Studies, 2007 – 2009

Activities and Societies:
Founder and President: Oneonta Men’s Club Lacrosse
Volunteer: Oneonta YMCA
Officer: Computer Programmer’s United
SUNY Oneonta tour guide
Charles Street Times – Staff Writer & Treasurer
Founder and President: Sigma Delta Sigma
The Wire Sports Talk Show – Production Assistant/Sound Board Engineer/Key Grip

Danny Waizman Flight School – Farmingdale, NY
Private Pilot License: Single Engine Aircraft,  2009 – 2010

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer – Product Develpment

• Currently adding features and providing various bug fixes to the Xfinity app on Xbox 360
• Responsible for the SmartGlass prototype and current build, to allow for a second screen experience when using the Xbox 360
• Working on Next-gen platforms to deliver the Xfinity experience
• Student Advisor to UPenn Computer Science seniors, where I provide feedback and support on their senior projects
• Crafted the University web portal for college students to view Comcast content from within their college network
• 1st place in internal Comcast tech fair, for work done on second screen devices which communicate with next-gen cable boxes (iOS, web)

Armless Octopus
Podcast Producer / Managing Editor

• Establish relationships with developers to promote titles and conduct interviews
• Compose previews, reviews, and news for provided games and software
• Record, revise, and produce audio clips for weekly podcast
• Generate network connections with fellow journalists for cross promotion and sharing of stories
• Evangelize the XNA and XBLIG platform to promote development
• Administer recommendations and proposals with developers to improve the platform

Xbox  LIVE Indie Games Uprisings  
2011 – 2102
Project Manager /  Coordinator
Critically acclaimed marketing campaign to promote the most polished titles and developers on the platform

• Manage web presence, trailer|audio|art production, and developer voting process
• Coordinated project & ideas with 70+ developers across the globe to create one coherent and clear goal
• Define and initiate project, while managing  schedule, staff, and performance
• Create press releases, marketing materials, media contacts, and presentation at NYC Gaming Meetup
• Generate community involvement through a fan voting process, press interviews, and active forum discussions
• Initiate  #IGSU Twitter chat to allow developers to communicate directly with fans and media
• Conduct interviews and serve as the face of the organization with the press

C# | XNA

Developed this Xbox Live Indie Game, which is a prettier version of Pong with some added features and a rocking soundtrack.

• Written in C#, using Microsoft’s XNA platform
• Incorporated the Mercury Particle Engine for all trail and particle effects
• Also handled art duties, from the backgrounds and textures to the cover art
• Next goal is to rewrite the app for cross platform gaming using MonoGame for Win8, iOS, and Android compatibility

C# | Unity

A top-down 4 player party game created at NYU during the What Would Molydeux Game Jam

• Responsibilities include: UI, controls, and a bit of the AI
• Developed in 48 hours with the goal of utilizing the theme of  “blindness”

A Pulse In The Dark
C# | Unity
A top-down single player experience based around the theme of “heart beat”, created during the Global Game Jam

• Responsibilities include: Intro menu, enemy AI, some player movements
• Developed in 48 hours during the 2013 Global Game Jam at NYU with a team of several people
A playable build for the web browser is available here.

Spell and Speak (Windows Phone 8)
C# | XAML 
A children’s game for ages 3-6, designed to teach them to recognize images and learn to spell

• Utilizes the text-speech API to recognize user input then respond with audible cues
• Next application will utilize speech-to-text voice recognition API

UnrealScript Game Programming Cookbook
UnrealScript / Author
Published a book on creating a framework using the Unreal Engine

• 8 Chapters covering everything from AI scripting, cameras, modular weapons, pathfinding & UI
• Published by Packt Publishing in February of 2013, available in both physical and Kindle formats

DVI – Dave Voyles Installations
2008 -2013

Sole proprietor and operator of a residential | commercial home theater design and installation service in Manhattan

• Create budgets, estimates, and proposals as subcontracts and direct contracts to clients
• Design and construct computer hardware and software for mobile audio/visual/navigation solutions
• Market services, as well as cutting edge technology and IT products to consumers
• Construct website, business cards, and detailed marketing plan

Conelle Construction Group
Project Manager

General contractor specializing in high end apartment and commercial renovations. Clients include Jay Z’s 40/40 club, Calvin Klein, Justin Timberlake, Tom Brady

• Manage web presence, and develop website using CSS and HTML
• Coordinated projects with numerous subcontractors and architects both on and off site
• Define and initiate projects, while managing cost, schedule, and performance
• Convey ideas from clients and designers, across multiple trades


Web Developer
Crafted a website for my current employer to  illustrate projects we’ve worked on and clients associated with
• Sole developer/designer on the project, utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript
• Utilizes an art gallery to showcase projects and awards received over the years

Game Development Experience

Mega Man 2 (Unreal Engine Remake) 
Environment Artist | UnrealScript Programmer | 3D Character Artist

  • This serves as the prototype for my own game, which will follow shortly after. Currently have a working prototype, in which I implemented 3D models, material, and textures using a variety of 3D/2D art packages. I’m proficient with all aspects of design, including programming, scripting, modeling, texturing and gameplay concepts.
Packt Publishing  –  Author & Technical Reviewer

Death Sentence  Environment Artist | UnrealScript Programmer  ( Unreal Engine, cancelled)

  • Currently with a team of 20+ developers to create a racing title in the Twisted-Metal vein. My responsibilities include: Constructing 3D environment assets such as pylons, road signs, satellites, solar panels, etc, as well as programming the weapons and pickups.

Unreal Development Kit Meetup Group

  • I am founder of the NYC-UDK Meet-Up Group. I host monthly meetings at my office, as well as Skype meetings on Friday evenings where we further develop the project and offer UDK and 3DS Max tutorials to those willing to learn.

Betraille: Part Deux – Menu / UI / Art / ( Unity)

  • Part of the What Would Molydeux game jam, NYC chapter. We used Unity to create a 4-player party game where you are tasked with hiding your identity while trying to reveal that of your human opponents.
XBLIG Companion AppPR | Marketing (Windows Phone 7, iOS, Android)
  • Casey Young of Eleventy-Aught Twelve Studios built the application using Silverlight with the sole goal of promoting XBLIG and allowing fans of the service to find and purchase games straight from their phone by scraping the data from the Xbox Live Marketplace website. It also allows for sites covering market to submit their top picks, as well as poll the development community for theirs. A port for iOS and Android is currently in the work.

Game Developer Magazine – Freelance (Nov. ’11)

  • Promoting Indies: Lessons from our grassroots campaign for Xbox Live Indie Games 
  • I wrote a 6 page feature for Game Developer Magazine which covered the ins-and-outs of how we successfully built a marketing campaign for Xbox LIVE’s Indie Games division. I highlight lessons learned, how the team was assembled, and how we coordinated with Microsoft. I would later take this template and use it as my 60 minute speech during 2012’s GDC conference.
Piz-ong Developer (XNA / XBLIG)
  • This is my first Dream.Build.Play entry, where I am taking the basic premise of pong, two paddles fighting for supremacy with only a ball, and adding a number of features. Random powerups such as: Regenerating Health, Adjustable Bat Sizes, Splitting Ball, and Turbo Paddles. You can follow along here.
  • Available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace

Speaking Arrangements

GDC 2012: Speaker – Marketing for Indies: The Indie Games Summer Uprising

In this 60 minute talk, I demonstrated how more than 70 XBLIG teams planned and executed a successful marketing campaign, providing insight to indie devs who hope to get more exposure for their upcoming projects.”

GDC Europe 2011Panelist / Speaker – Indie’s Got PR Talent

A panel of veteran indie games journalists share their opinions, advice and expertise critiquing the PR efforts of indie developers in the format of popular game show Britain’s Got Talent.