Creating the .GameInfo class

Inside <UDKPath>\Development\Src\Engine\Classes\GameInfo.uc You will find all of the information which makes up the exactly what your game will be. Here is what the class itself states:

“GameInfo is the game being played: the game rules, scoring, what actors
are allowed to exist in this game type, and who may enter the game. While the
GameInfo class is the public interface, much of this functionality is delegated
to several classes to allow easy modification of specific game components.”

When we are extending from the .GameInfo class, we are creating a child class which is inheriting all of the information from the parent class (in this case, .GameInfo). From the child class, we can make any alterations we’d like, all the while keeping the parent class intact. If you are familiar with .CSS, it follows a similar structure.

Therefore, we are going to create our own class, SideScrollingGameInfo.uc which will be our own variant of our game. Start off by inserting this code:

class SideScrollingGameInfo extends GameInfo;



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